Our Vision:

Baila! Baila! Dance Academy in Albuquerque, New Mexico is committed to teaching children and adults respect for culture and tradition to overcome all forms of inequality through the arts.  Baila! Baila! aspires to continue the growth of education and performance locally as well as nationally and internationally.  Baila! Baila! would eventually like to extend their services to include the creation and performance of theatrical productions worldwide.

Our Mission:

Baila! Baila! Dance Academy has become a name synonymous with professionalism and performance excellence, but only through the hard work and dedication of countless dancers and committed teachers throughout the years.  The company shares their knowledge of cultural diversity with all audiences in New Mexico and around the world resulting in education and appreciation for various cultures and traditions.  Baila! Baila! strives to offer enrichment for all communities in which it operates.  In turn, family and community support have been essential factors in the growth of the company.  The company has seen students become professionals in all fields – and some have even returned with their own toddlers for us to teach!  Many of the dancers have formed relationships that have lasted over twenty years and made acquaintances with a myriad of others.  The shared interactions between all employees, customers and shareholders have provided valuable life lessons and enrichment to all parties.


Baila! Baila! Dance Academy was founded in January of 1990 in Albuquerque, New Mexico by sisters Felissa M. Garcia and Israela M. Garcia.  Originally educating students solely in traditional Mexican Folk Dance, the school curriculum quickly expanded from Ballet Folklorico (Traditional Mexican Folk Dance) to include Country Western Dance, Latin/Salsa Dancing, Hip Hop, Classical Ballet, Danza Azteca and Voice Lessons and Singing Lessons.  In addition to classes offered at the academy, Baila! Baila! offers classes, including SalsaerobicsTM, through the University Of New Mexico Division of Continuing Education.  Baila! Baila! is active in the community granting many shows as benefit performances for fundraisers and community programs.  Baila! Baila! Dance Academy also works closely with the City of Albuquerque’s Public Housing and Drug Elimination Program (PHDEP) to offer children an alternative to drugs.  Baila! Baila! works to educate children in regards to respect for culture through history and dance.

Baila! Baila’s! reputation among the community has created a positive impact through word of mouth.  Because of this word of mouth, Baila! Baila! is now instructing generations of dancers and is continuously invited to entertain and compete throughout the United States and the World.  Director Israela M. Garcia believes that Baila! Baila’s! success is the product of commitment and dedicated leadership.  Baila! Baila! is currently the largest academy for instruction of Ballet Folklorico and dance entertainment in Albuquerque, New Mexico.